Help with Searching

To search all files on this website, use the Search text box and/or "Go" button at the top of the page.  To search just help, click Search Just Help Files on the left.

Both search results pages show additional search tools to the left of the search results.

In the Search for: textbox, type one or more words or a phrase.

Select from the DropDown either Best Match for all Words or Exact Phrase.

Best Match for all Words matches the meaning and not the exact wording of the words. Type any text, including words, phrases or sentences.  There is no concern for syntax or word order.

Exact Phrase matches the exact phrase as typed.

Click Start Search to see search results.

Search searches and displays results for help and other select documents in this website, according to the security privilege of the user.  For example, Administrators will see help for all Admin Tools and all other pages that can be accessed by Administrator, Board, Member, and Public privileges.  Board sees Board, Member and Public,  Member sees Member and Public, and Public (not signed-in) sees just Public help pages.

Results will display a list of matching help or related documents, with better matches (rank) shown first. Each result item is a link to its matching page or document. Also included is the calculated Rank rating. Rank is a complex calculation that assigns a number 0 to 1000, with 1000 being the best. A short page description or an abstract (the first few words in the page) appears after every link.

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